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Steven Gniadek
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
26, Male, Massachusetts

Mediums: Micron Pens, Pen & Ink, Ballpoints, and Printmaking. Photography, and digital photo editing.

Musical Mediums (but not limited to): Post-Punk, New Wave, Coldwave, Shoegaze, Minimal Synth, Dreampop, Psych Rock...

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Rhesialaicsh by Indigasphyxia
Mixed Media/Scanner Runs

Inspired by Massive Attack/Burial - "Four Walls"…

Get Fenderized! 1962 by Indigasphyxia
Get Fenderized! 1962
I have always aesthetically loved vintage marketing, propaganda and advertisements..especially the old 60’s adverts for guitars, and now that I own a first year-production model 1962 Fender Jaguar (in the photo)..I wanted to put myself in a self-created, vintage-esque advert for fun, as close as I could get to the true old Fender ads.
For not really considering myself a 'graphic artist' I am pretty proud of how this came out.


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  • Mood: Pleased
  • Listening to: Phantom - The Sisters of Mercy
  • Reading: The Wolf Age
  • Watching: my pen dance
  • Eating: my favorite artist's dust
My Artistic Thesis written April 24, 2010.
Fine Arts (Printmaking) - University of South Dakota

"By any measure, we live in an extraordinary and extreme time. Language can no longer describe the world in which we live like it used to. With antique ideas and old formulas, we continue to describe a world that is no longer present. In this loss of language, the word gives away to the image as the 'language' of exchange, in which critical thought disappears to a diabolic regime of conformity - the hyper-real, the omnipresent image. Language, real place gives way to numerical code, real to virtual; metaphor to metamorphosis; body to disembodiment; natural to supernatural; many to one. Mystery disappears, replaced by the illusion of certainty in technological perfection.

                       Technological acceleration does not affect out way of living - it is our new and comprehensive host of life, the environment of living itself. It is not the effect of technology on the environment, culture, economy, religions, etc., but rather that all these categories exist in technology. In this sense technology is new nature. The living environment, old nature, is replaced by a manufactured milieu, an engineered host-synthetic nature. In a real sense, we are off planet, swelling on the lunar surface of stone, cement, asphalt, glass, steel and plastics, engulfed in the atmosphere of radioactive oxygen and electromagnetic vibrations - the soothing aroma of atomic nuclear energy, the soothing lullabies of the machine. The common notion tells us that technology is neutral, that we can use it for good or bad. Though, in my opinion, we do not use technology, we live technology; technology is our way of life. Being sensitive entities, we always have and will become our environment - we become what we see (or may not see), what we hear, what we eat, what we smell, what we touch, etc. Where doubt and questioning is prohibited (indigenous or not), we become, without question, the environment we live in.

                      With our Indigenous origins based in the natural order, should this context radically change, the mysterious nature of the human being shall also radically change - a change that will reflect the transformation of nature itself, whether it be a turning point or vanishing point. Natural diversity becomes a burnt offering, sacrificed to the infinite appetite of technological homogenization. We now live in the fiction of science. We are most definitely now, not in some made-up future, cyborgs. As we always have been, we are at one with our environment - we are technology. In this 'wonderland', freedom becomes the pursuit of our technological, industrial, and material happiness. Our standard of living is predictated on commodity consumption, as the practice our new spirituality is "pray for more". In vehicles of ecstasy, with cinematic engines of inertia at audiovisual speed, trans-port and tele-port blend into one. The beginning becomes the end. The 'port' disappears in the speed of light. The nanosecond, technological speed, transforms reality as it creates an ecstatic phenomena of compelling and unparalleled intensity. By human measure, charismatic technique portends the miraculous, as it engenders the condition of 'exit velocity' - a condition that blurs human perceptions, shatters all meanings, drains all content and breaks our bonds with the earth's natural order. All locations are consumed into the startling terra firma of the image, a demonic conformity that is the genesis of man. In this shadow of the mass, all previous definitions crumble.

                      The 'time' and 'space' of history exist to a homogenized zone of no return. In this supernatural implosion of g-force, human moorings give way, sending humans out-of-orbit into the void of technological space. The loss of original habitat and our subsequent relocation into accelerated space, throws nature into catastrophe, as it engenders traumatic stress syndrome as the now normal condition of post-human existence. Technology, while promising comfort and happiness as its 'result', means power, means control, means conformity, means destiny. Technology creates a condition of war that is at once both universal and unseen. The explosive tempo of technology is war; the untellable violence of genocide, relocation and assimilation in technology is war.

                       All of us, are refugees driven from our human and indigenous state."

- - -

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Du bist einer der besten Künstler, die es auf DeviantArt gibt, muss ich dir gestehen. Keine Ahnung, warum das so wenig Leute schätzen. Deine Werke sind wundervoll, ich würde dich am liebsten besuchen kommen und dir beim Zeichnen zusehen. Keep up!
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I love your pieces in pen- the eerie quality really reaches out and brings them to life
Indigasphyxia Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks so much, its been a while since I did a piece soley in micron pens and have been wanting to do something with them again. thanks again :) always encouraging to hear
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